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In March 2019, I was contacted by a team at Brandeis University's Heller School Heller School for Social Policy and Management to join them in competing for the Hult Prize. The were working on designing an app to allow multilingual young adults to act as translators and interpreters through video remote communication, which would benefit businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations. They reached out to me because they needed someone with a technical background to help design the app, and think through the problem in preparation for the Hult Prize Competition.

My contribution to the team consisted primarily with some wireframes of the app. Using Figma, I was able to put together their design ideas into digital models:


Collaborators: Max Brodsky, Liza Korotkova, and Abigail Montine

Slide Deck


Hult Prize: 2019 Boston Regionals Finalist


Students develop real-time interpretation app (2019)
Brandeis team talks the talk at the Hult Prize Competition (2019)